pondělí 26. října 2015

Oracle Data Integrator 12.2.1

V pátek 23.10.2015 byla oficiálně uvolněna 12.2.1 verze Oracle Data Integrator.

Nová verze je ke stažení z eDelivery nebo z OTN.

Mezi hlavní novinky patří:

  1. Enhanced Big Data Support: Oracle Data Integrator brought together a series of advanced Big Data updates and features for customers to help take their Hadoop projects to the next level with support for Apache Spark, Apache Pig, and orchestration using Oozie. Today, we continue to enhance this functionality by allowing users to choose between Task and Session execution modes for Oozie workflow generation.
  2. Lifecycle Management of Oracle Data Integrator Objects: Oracle Data Integrator is now integrated with Apache Subversion to allow customers to better manage their code as well as their development, testing and production environments. Users can create versions, view, compare and merge versions with each other as well as create tags. It is also possible to create and merge branches for parallel development from distributed locations or for parallel development on multiple releases. In addition Deployment Archives are introduced to facilitate the deployment of objects from development into other environments as well to support the creation of patches.
  3. ODI Exchange for Sharing Global Oracle Data Integrator Objects: Oracle Data Integrator is creating more of a community feel by providing a place to browse, download, and install global ODI Objects made available by Oracle or other Oracle Data Integrator users through Official or Third-Party Update Centers. This functionality is available for Global Knowledge Modules, Global User Functions, and Mapping Components. 
  4. Oracle Connectivity Enhancements: Oracle Data Integrator's repertoire of Knowledge Modules is continually improved. A Knowledge Module to perform Partition Exchange Loading is available to allow users to swap partitions as needed. Improvements have also been made to the Loading Knowledge Modules using External Tables, which allows the ability to load more than one file at a time. Data Pump Knowledge Modules have also been improved.
  5. Enhanced Integration with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: A new Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) technology is available in Topology and allows the creation of data servers, physical schemas, and logical schemas for EDQ. In addition, the OdiEnterpriseDataQuality tool was improved to support EDQ data servers through Contexts and Logical Schemas.
  6. Complex File Enhancements: Oracle Data Integrator's Native Format builder utility is now included with Oracle Data Integrator Studio and allows you to create nXSD files without having to leave the Oracle Data Integrator user interface.

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